A web app for people who love taking and making quizzes

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  • Responsive layout to fit all device sizes
  • Hover states for all interactive elements
  • Loading spinners are shown during any pending server request
  • Users are able to take any quiz and receive a score upon completion
  • Users are able to create, update, and delete their own quizzes
  • Quiz form validation (client-size and server-side)
  • Users are able to like/unlike and save/unsave other users' quizzes
  • Users are able to filter/sort quizzes by search term, category, creation date, and popularity (number of likes)
  • Users are able to access pages for their saved and uploaded quizzes
  • Users are authenticated by Google Firebase using an email/password strategy
  • Users are able to update their account information, avatar image, email, and password
  • Users are able to delete their account

Tech Stack

  • Express/Node.js
  • React
  • Google Firebase
  • Redux State Management
  • Material UI Components and Styling