Inspirational Homepage

A single-page web app to help users start their day on the right foot

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  • Responsive layout to fit all device sizes
  • Loading spinners are shown during requests to fetch data
  • Users are able to see the current time and date
  • Users are able to see the current weather data based on their location, fetched from the Open Weather API
  • Users may cycle through five photos fetched from the Unsplash API to use as an inspirational background
  • Users are able to see an insirational 'quote of the day' fetched from the They Said So API
  • Users are able to add new tasks/goals to their to-do list, and then mark them as complete or delete them
  • Upon completion of a task, a rain of confetti appears on the screen to congratulate the user

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Redux State Management
  • CSS Styling