A multi-page corporate website for an international design firm

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  • 7-page website (4 public, 3 admin)
  • Responsive layout to fit all device sizes
  • Hover states for all interactive elements
  • Connects to the Google Maps API to show a map for each corporate office location
  • Functional contact form where visitors can submit inquiries
  • Contact form validation (server-side and client-side)
  • Protects against spam bot submissions using Google Recaptcha
  • Visitors who successfully send a message through the contact form are sent an SMTP email confirmation
  • Error handling on contact form submissions
  • Secure site admin portal accessed with valid user credentials (using a JSON web token strategy)
  • Message inbox page allowing site admins to view, mark as read/unread, highlight/unhighlight, delete, and sort messages sent by visitors

Tech Stack

  • Next.js/React Framework
  • NextAuth User Authentication
  • Redux State Management
  • SCSS Styling
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Prisma ORM